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Viewing a Manuscript Database Entry

The Author Status Inquiry System (ASIS) allows authors of manuscripts under consideration by journals of the American Physical Society to obtain immediate information on the status of their papers electronically. All active manuscripts submitted to these journals ( Physical Review A-E, Physical Review X, Physical Review Applied, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review Special Topics-Accelerators and Beams, Physical Review Special Topics-Physics Education Research, and Reviews of Modern Physics) are included.

It is possible that after viewing the database entry you have some questions, especially if this is your first use of the automatic system. If this is so, please see these explanatory notes.

Please note that referees are reminded on a regular schedule maintained by our computer. Although the initial reminder to a given referee will appear on the listing, subsequent reminders to the same referee will not necessarily appear on the status report.

Also, it is important to note that the list of events is in reverse chronological order and this is determined by the RECEIVED date.

Enter your message in the areas provided below. Be sure to fill out both fields; these are not case sensitive so you may enter, e.g., LA12345 and Jones or la12345 and jones.

Accession Code:  
Author's last name: (first, second, or third author only)

In addition to showing information about the status of the review process, the automatic system will display other information from our database concerning the manuscript: title; authors; addresses (postal and email), phone, and FAX numbers of the authors; journal section; PACS numbers. Authors are encouraged to check this information and as needed submit corrections through an email message to pr* ("*" denotes a,b,c,d,e,x,applied,l,stab,stper), or, with the subject line, for example:

Correction LA12345 Jones

Implementing these corrections will require human action, and should be expected within a few days.

If the status information indicates that correspondence has been sent to you recently, please do not ask that we resend it by FAX or electronic mail, as we cannot normally accommodate such requests. If the correspondence was sent to you some time ago, and may therefore be lost in the mail, you should of course notify us.

To report technical problems with the server (e.g., missing data or failure to respond), please send an email message to

We encourage general comments and suggestions regarding this system. You may send an email message to (do not use this address for communications regarding a specific manuscript). We will collect and review all comments, although we may not be able to acknowledge or respond to such messages. They will form a valuable basis for designing future upgrades to this service.

For papers that have been accepted for publication and sent to production, information about their status in the production process is provided by the production vendor. To obtain this information, submit a request to ASIS and follow the link which appears on the results page (Production Status Information, or Article Status System).

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